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You mentioned how a one-time purchase would supposedly be better from a player perspective, which would be the business model of GW2 and the likes, and I explained why it is not. Pretty straight-forward.
No... I mentioned "cheaper"... Two different terms, two different meanings... If something is cheaper, that does not necessarily mean its better... You see, "cheaper" is matter of math and numbers... "better" is mostly matter of perspective, so if its "better" for me, that does not mean its also "better" for you...or for company, for that matter..... Try to read exactly how it's written....
I dont mind SWTOR sub if that is what you thinking, because if i would, then i would not pay sub... And really, for SWTOR is really to late to change monetization, they can only soften up restrictions on false F2P and preferred players, and that is exactly what they are doing...