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12.20.2011 , 07:41 AM | #20
people who post about healbot taking the skill out of the game really have no idea what addons like that actually do and are probably remembering it from vanilla wow.

raiding guilds want to be able to (as effectively as possible) analyze what is occurring in an encounter, if not a dps meter, access to the combat log and parsing should be available.

reorganizing and customizing the ui should also be possible. there should be a way to show only my debuffs on a target and on the operations frames it should be possible to not show things like class buffs. it makes it hard to see things like kolto probe and on an enemy when every debuff in the universe is on a target it is pretty difficult to track yours.

i'd be ok with very few addons allowed if the ui was actually arrangeable. it is not very efficient in its current form.

edit: tldr it's not the addons that are the problem, it's the attitude of some people that use them. (meter whores, etc.)