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The only worse setup you could have is to run without set bonus at all. Trishin's is so bad that I don't understand how can you even consider using it.

If one has aggro problems, he should just run more offensive stats or just equip Descent of Fearless set - that gives you actual damage. Or, well, learn how to use his abilities better - aggro is not a problem in any way right now. Tanks have ton of threat. Recommending Trishin's? Just no.
Not sure why you dislike it. It is about 20% of own dps if used on packs, at least for shadows I calculated, just because it works while you stunned/pushed/on cd. Also in 70 content it does 4 times less damage then in 75. For example in pvp/uprising each explosion does 1200 dmg. For 8 targets it is 9000 almost. Each 2-3 seconds with 50% chance shield.
Better then that is only retaliation with no-cd. Sometimes I need to spam it faster then i can click button.
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