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I know, half the time the conversations end with "you are about to see a real life hero", why would a smuggler want to be a hero, smugglers are in for themselves and are both vain and selfish and I think many of them would value their own lives over saving a handful of people.

My smugglers are always reluctant to be the hero as the more you become a hero of the republic I think the less likely the underworld would want to deal with you.
agree hehe...the smugler story is a wierd one. I feel much more connected to my BH...and i have only played the first chapter of the new expansion with him...he does not feel like a complete selfish womanizer and wannabe hehe. Yes..i guess he fights for money and probably he kill ppl for money too, but As i have boosted to 60 I have tried to always play him like an honorable soldier..that just happen to be on the empire side by chance...and that he actually only want to protect the innocent....sort of like a robin hood...