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If you're buying it for the fun of opening it, go to it. (A pittance of credits for selling off unwanted bronze junk is just that, a pittance.)(1)

If you're buying it for the hope of making credits, just sell the unopened crate, or open the crate to get the packs out and sell them *unopened*.

If you're buying it for any other reason, you're wrong.

(1) Important note: the Ultimate crates are able to drop *anything* that could drop in any earlier crate *or* any direct-only item in the same categories of stuff. Items will be 85% bronze rarity, 10% silver, 5% gold, with platinum items hiding in the rounding errors of the other three. Any one specific item will be so infrequent that it's even less worth the effort of opening crates *for* an item.
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