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How does this affect level 55? Bolster will bolster characters up to right below Partisan gear, the new level 55 PvP set gear. This is working correctly from what we can see and means that the Elder Game will not have this issue of “naked Bolster.” Partisan and Conquer gear are still highly valuable and give better stats than Bolster so that max level PvP should be intact as we designed, it is just unfortunate that the system has bugs in it that make getting to that point frustrating.
We shall see won't we. The last iteration of Bolster in the 55 bracket on PTS had a toon performing better without Relics slotted. Based on the information in your post, it doesn't sound to me like that issue from the PTS has been resolved yet so I seriously doubt that the 55 bracket won't suffer from similar shenanigans to what we are experiencing now on live.

However, it is interesting to hear that all of the Comms we are collecting may end up being worth something at 55. However, if Bolster is active in Rated WZs, then it really doesn't matter much since any exploits/holes in the mechanic will certainly show up there.

If I could do anything, I would once again implore Rob and Alex to remove Bolster from RWZs. Keep the layer of PvP gear progression and min/maxing relevant by making Rated Bolster-free, at least until the mechanic is completely stable in Regz. It would also buy you guys some time to create and provide us with some real endgame PvP content.

Anyway, thanks for trying Eric.
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