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03.06.2017 , 08:22 PM | #8
Due to crate-drops of 240- and 242 Tank-armorings I already had, I created a dps-set for my sin, including lethal mods, adept / quick savante enhancements and tank-set-armorings. I accidentely tanked Raptus & Council NiM today with this set and didn't realised it before we went to Revan afterwards, where I wanted to change into DPS-set before Core-phase. DtPS as Bestia-Tank where ~1.000 higher than in tank gear.

My question in this case is: What are the optimal stats with this gearsetting? (Adding implants and relics and dps-augments)

I also read about using the stalkers set with tank-enhancements. I will test it the next days, when I find some armorings in my storage.
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