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It's a bit unhinging to hear about assassin/shadow rotation about tanking. Powertech/Vanguard tanks have rotation, shadow/assassin don't.

First and mostly - this is a class with no diminishing returns in resource so the below X force should be ignored.

Main agro generators:
Slow Time/Wither
Force Breach/Discharge

Secondary agro generator:

These should be used on cooldown if DPS are on the target you are attacking, especially on aoe tanking.

Priority for procs:

Particle acceleration/Energize should be used as priority before Shadow Wrap/Conspirator's Cloak since Shadow strike/Moul could proc Shadow Wrap/ Conspirator's Cloak.

Shadow/Assassin tanks should always engage a fight with an absorb adrenal,

Force Pull should be used if possible upon tank switch, pulling a boss and/or add targets so that a taunt can be used for mechanics control.

Telekinetic Throw/Force lightning should be used on cooldown if there are 3 stacks of Harnessed Shadows/Harnessed Darkness and if you have less than 4 stacks of shadow protection/dark protection it should be used if you're not expected to move.

If DPS are burning down on the above, and if tactics allow it, target should be taunted/aoe taunted prior to Telekinetic Throw/Lightning Strike

Most fights have high damage attacks - they should be reseliesed.
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