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Quote: Originally Posted by THoK-Zeus View Post
4% Damage Reduction increase = ~7% DR
Blackout on the other Hand is just a normal 25% DR
I didn't read the skill tree close enough. If it isn't additive, then yeah, that makes it much less attractive.

Quote: Originally Posted by THoK-Zeus View Post
Because of that and the reapplytime of Force Lightning, the standard build is superior on average (tough not so much anymore after 2.5.2). The 11 deception hybrid is just slightly superior if you
1. have a permanent 5% damage reduction on the Boss
2. are able to use Vanish on cooldown more or less
3. have a better rotation then 100% Dark Protection stack uptime
3. is an unobtainable point, unfortunately. Unless there's something wrong with my math, there is simply no way to guarantee 100% stack uptime (even with perfect play!) if you don't have Wither.
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