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Learn to read Parsec..... also understand and know your fights..... scum and villainy which that parsec is taken out of is high in end game content of which you stand in groups of 16 people and aoe heal as well as sometimes double heal because of 4 healers on the bosses in that raid.... I'm sorry that your just not that good of a healer to understand your end game fights to know which 2 trees are actually top right now..... and to even understand how to read parsec and connect that to the given fight.... ( I also was in full virpine at the time of that parse no set bonus)

Here I'll do some basic math for you:

If you take the top 21 healing stats for that fight alone in that boss you will find that the top 21 people averaged 30.4666667 in inaffective heals.... If you go to 30 people in that top list its much higher.... If you go into real details and actually read parsec you will also notice most individual healers (now this isn't class based its all healers pub and imp that's posted that makes this top 50)

You will notice the healers that all range between 25%-33% in inaffective heals on average did less then 2 million in heals but there are some scoundrel classes that did quite well with over 2 million in heals with around 25% inaffectiveness.

Now if you take most of the individuals that healed 2-5 mil in heals whatever class they be you will noticed most of those individuals are all in the 35-46% range..... If you wanted to get into real details every 1 mil heals you do you can roughly point out from the top 50 on the list of that raid that there doing about any where between 10-15% inaffectiveness now times that by every mil what do you get?

Just because your mediocre and don't know your circumstances in end game content.....more alacrity=more heat problems=less heals when you really need them and more rapid shots..... 200 or less alacrity and high criting heals is better then a healer that's stuck on rapid shot and can't crit over 11k when he needs to...