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I don't even know why I'm bothering...

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Its over power to maybe offer the idea to allow the heal to tick on every one in the area rather then just 4 people? and then do the same affect it already does at the moment after that original tick? If it is done like it already does just allows for every one in the area to get healed it would be on par with the other healers aoe's but still wouldn't be up to the sorcs aoe healing ability and wouldn't be close to the ops ability either it would equalize it a bit more not over power it? The Merc healer is generally not known as an AOE healer second you've both not offered any counter to a tree ability that is better then the one I have posted.... P.S I also suggested that the merc healer is perfect where it is so make sure you if your going to point out every detail you point out that I'm happy with these changes and happy staying with no changes after them. B. the kolto missile doesn't heal every one it hits for the full amount on a crit.... so if it hit everyone in the raid it will each consecutive person be healed less then the one before..... maybe if you paid attention to your kolto missile you would realize that at the end of the day allowing it to heal all 16 members would mean that the 16th member probably would only get maybe 600-1k heal because he's the 16th member with the first member getting somewhere between I think its 5-6k..... so how about you relearn your merc healers abilities and tree..... either that or you've just recently become a merc and haven't experimented with it as much as some of us have since beta =P

Alacrity has diminishing returns which begins at 200 for the most part. You can use any general engine site you google for an alacrity graph its amazing what you can google =P Some mercs argue heavily between crit and power surge etc.... that's a very viable argument ,but any merc healer arguing that alacrity should be above any number above 200... is clearly either A. putting skill points in pyro rather then a more useful skill which would provide a better result in the other.

Its very simple you don't know your tree... you didn't diminishing returns and you didn't pay attention to XX alacrity= xx seconds taken off....

Why would any one spec into pyro if your a merc healer? Its just that simple to look at the tree and know its stupid to do such. Adding alacrity %..... in the first row? Why? if you really want higher alacrity and don't want to hit diminishing returns go min/max it. I wouldn't suggest it because you'll greatly ruin your crit.... your surge.... and your power to do it.... which is why I suggest don't do anything with alacrity period.... If you don't you will naturally have it in one piece or another which will put you somewhere between 99-200 which is perfect naturally.
Surge has way worse DR than alacrity so you make no sense here

As for the other attributes in pyro why increase your on endurance? To try and lie about your gear quality in hopes of obtaining a raid that they don't gear check? So at the end of the day that leaves you with nada.... nothing to do with pyro. The best tree for PVE if you plan on min/maxing the hell out of your gear in 78's 72's 75's what ever stepping stone you currently are at still is 39/7/0 which is the one I suggested. It gives you crit where your more likely to use it, helps your gas cylinders gives you aim gives you more without the problem of getting into diminishing returns like you would with pyro tree because there is no reason any merc healer should have above 200 alacrity FOR ANY REASON PERIOD.
The hell are you talking about? Noone takes endurance talent...

And just for you I uploaded a raid fight on 16m HM styrak for you on torparse to prove that the spec's I gave are more then better then your average tree in pyro. Your tree should be set up to keep your raid alive not yourself.... and a lot of fights go into small snippets of healing verses a consistent range of healing which usually means spiky which your parsec will usually verify that. If I'm doing over 4k HPS and I not in a lot of 78's and not with set bonuses I think my tree spec is more then capable of competing with the top mercs better then yours with your alacrity
Yeah I saw your parses, quite pathetic. Avarage 40% overheal. Let me guess you want to buff kolto missile to reach over 50% avarage overheal?

Now I know for certain that you are either unbelievably dumb or a troll. Sorry NeNiMel for the derail, I won't go on with this
The ability to speak does not make you intelligent. Now get out of here.

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