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[QUOTE=Orderken;7102861]There's another benefit of Cure Mind|Psych Aid worth noting: Cure|Field Aid provides a small heal. For HM Nefra, at least, this benefit should make it worthwhile.

I salute you for replying to Pfomo. Every point that he made is not only incorrect but also absurd, and there's not a single combat log for a "Pfomo" on TORParse, so I assume that his post is a spoof.[/QUOTE

here just for you I'll figure out how to upload a file for your public eyes. Try my build go to a raid see for yourself if you don't believe my build then you don't or B. come to bastion and you'll see I'll manage my heat and out heal better then your build If you don't believe me then test my theory after all its just a theory till you prove it right?