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Quote: Originally Posted by cs_zoltan View Post
I love how he appeared out of nowhere a few days ago and already nominated himself for class rep, even better everything he says reeks of BS
You want to bet here I'll break it down for you pve builds that I highly doubt can keep up with other healers or even my merc healer with those other builds. Any merc healer building a lot of alacrity anything I'd say above 200 unless you have to I promise you I'll out heal you by atleast 100k come to bastion server and I'll destroy your in a parsec hows that for a statement....

Second pve a build do this and then compare to your old build and tell me I'm wrong:


Get your first 2 full rows,
in your 3rd step row get everything but power shield. not necessary for pve maybe pvp.,
in your 4th step row get everything but, protective shield why because if your dying as the healer.... you got more problems then that can save you with.
In in 5th step row get everything you will need cleanse in a lot of fights this unless you want to keep switching constantly then go ahead I can see that.
In row 6 and above get everything they are all usefull parsec will prove this
In arsenal get mandalorian and ironsights in row 1
in row 2 get upgraded arsenal this will help in certain areas.

So before you quote a class you clearly suck at Mr thinks I'm b.s come to my server and let me out heal you in any raid of your choosing with parsec I'll blow you out of the water and I keep minimium alacrity as well so prove to me
how your small amounts of quicker heals literally less then a second will out crit/out pars my over all heals with what power can do better and crit

Any merc healer going for pyro is wasting time and will never parse higher then even a merc that went full fledged bodyguard its just that simple.