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Looking at the requirements for proper numbers at certain player ratings I see I can find a lot of sites that can help. I found this one to be the most useful for all types:

But I am having a hard time trying to figure out the Enhancement needs for my Sentinal (Concentration). When I look at my 14 pieces of gear I find only 7 enhancement slots, the guide says there are 10.. where are the other 3 and is the guide talking about the gear enhancements or something else?

my 252 gear came with 2 Alacrity, 3 Crit and 2 Acc enhancements. The guide suggest I use 5 crit and 5 Alacrity.

Currently my stats are good except for the alacrity. should be 1633 (248 gear) and I have 1264 so putting 3 more Alacrity enhancements would certainly help.. What am I missing?
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