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Except the new system punishes the people who like to play alts and as a result it punishes the people who donít want to play every aspect of the game. Conquest had one time per legacy activities prior to the revamp, the revamp didnít invent those, it just doubled down on them and then some. Using alts didnít circumvent anything. The old system allowed everyone to get involved too, but gave us a lot more freedom on how. The only ďcheesingĒ was using lockouts, and not everyone did that. So, as I said, YMMV. What was good for you and yours was horrible for me and mine.

So now that conquest has a ton of alt unfriendly restrictions are you winning a lot of planets now? Are the titles you won worth sacrificing a lot of other peopleís enjoyment? Are you still going to push for #1 once you have Galaxy Conquerer or is having your guild name on the planet enough motivation to keep winning since there is no other reward for winning?
Sour grapes. BW has already stated the new system is working better now.