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what about the people who were happy where they were? did u ever think of that? my server was doing quite well, and to gut servers just before u impliment something like group finder and a patch called allies is just stupid. they did not even give the new stuff a chance to see if that would help before they killed crap
Oh boy, This BIG time. I so regret the forced relocation. Had it not been for the guild I'm in moving, I wouldn't have. Funny thing is since the move, the guild has basically evaporated. Add in that I lost half of my character names, one of my legacy names, not being able to choose where I want to transfer to or being able to consolidate characters has filled me to the top of my cup. I pre-ordered for early game access, so that I would have the character names that I wanted. Now I don't have them. I never liked overpopulated servers, now i'm stuck on them. The Black hole dalies used to take me 30 minutes tops on GMZ. Now I can spend 45 minutes trying to complete the area quest alone. Mech Warrior opens for me in early August, and then I will be gone. So good luck with your game Bio-Where?

I wish you well
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