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PS: justinplainview please keep you elitistic opinions to yourself, not all guilds cleared old nim content and I want it to be fixed in order to progress those old ops. We are not hardcore raiding guild, sure we focus on newest content but we still need to clear lvl 55 nims. If you know that fight well, you can use other ways, but if you are there for the first time after very long time, working with bugs can be tricky.
Theres nothing elitist about his posts in this thread. He just shared his experience since 3.0 and he specially stated that he doesn't say that there aren't any bugs.
Of course it can be taken with a grain of salt if a member of one of the, if not THE, top progression guilds in swtor tells us that there isn't any problem, sure. But my guild for example isn't anywhere near top progression and we also didn't have a problem with olok. Brontes was hard with one hand on 100%, but it was fixed in the patch that was supposed to fix raptus heal challenge. At least I haven't seen a 100% hand since then. And even Raptus heal challenge is doable with a bit of outside of the box thinking, at least in 8man
Question is, is it maybe intended that it is harder? To keep the old content at least a bit challenging?
But the big problem is, this is 55 content. If it can't be done on 55, or is significantly harder than it was pre 3.0 on that level, something's not right, simple as that.