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GW 2 Mount system is the best mount system ever made. Its simply sublime. I only have unlocked the first mount, the raptor which is animated beautifully. The run speed and the way it leaps a decent distance is wonderful. There are various mount types for various terrain traveling ( eg: manta ray that allows water surface riding) and once you receive the mount ( via quests) on your main doing the latest expack (where you obtain all the various mounts) it becomes available to use (at no extra cost) for all your characters.

Brief intro to mounts:

More detailed info:
Sorry to super necro this old thread but its not called mounts online, there is no real mounted combat, you do not feed them or more, yea its a strong point but it does not make the rest of the game worth it at all, especially to me, gw2 has to be one of the most shallow and boring leveling experiences ever, the masteries are not incentive enough, they should be something along side of leveling more stuff to do with combat.