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Imp is here

Several locations near 966, 65 : patrols of 3 imperial npcs stacked on each other...looks like one npc walking alone and when you attack it you realize they were 3

Firestorm: got no rep item for completing the mission

Disable transmitters: it worked ok but I wonder when the instance is populated if the cooldown is not too long vs available might create only frustration

Hold the Line: Really? It is absolute nonsense to solo, especially if you cannot resist some knockbacks with your class

Collected history: rubble piles keep respawning instantly, making it impossible to click on ancient jedi things (same on imp side)

expel the darkness:
-once a stih lord has been defeated, its marker does not go away
- the last two sith lords were not at all where their marker was (the third one was at the complete opposite side of the room behind some rubble. I initially thought that he was missing)
- not a bug but all this empty space and long run for four dudes? Surely you are planning something else too, the area looks good though (corresponding mission is a bit more populated on imp side)

Cannot get the 5 dailies accomplishment

465 , 251: floating chest

Overall emptiness feeling, Ossus looks great and has a lot of potential but there not a single npc says a thing, it is just pure grinding, click here and there (maybe because story is not there yet)....and even more grinding with the gearing system for not much more content. It's a game, it's supposed to be fun! At least make it so that alts that haven't gone through KOTET/KOFTE don't lose original companions in the process and end up with story choices made by default (even when they come back, old companions are like husks and they don't comment anything anymore).