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I made a post about this on another forum, and I think it's relevant here.

Quote: Originally Posted by Wiseman
In general, starwars tends to portray force users being in charge by virtue of being force users to be a bad thing. While a force user is capable of the same things as a non-force user, plus having the force on top of that, it opens up it's own problems, as the Voss example shows.

Also, there's the sith empire from The Old Republic. One notable thing, is that when you flirt with non-sith as a sith, they often become nervous or afraid. This is revealed to be because non-force-sensitives have no rights in relation to force users in the Sith Empire. Even the lowest, weakest sith, still outranks the highest ranking non-force-sensitive person. As a sith you can (and often have the option to) harm or kill non-force-sensitives, and face no official repercussions from the act.

The sith empire is ruled by the Sith Emporor Darth Vitiate, though he interacts rarely, and most of the day to day running of things is handled by the Dark Council (all sith). As the sith are institutionally considered superior to non sith, they have no obligation to be fair or even kind to their subordinates.

Also, the sith empire is racist, with sith purebloods first, humans second, and everyone else a distant tenth. (Though not all sith subscibe to this. Your sith can be any of the playable species, and notably Darth Malgus consideres the empires racism to be a weakness, and is more egalitarian in his chain of command).

TV Tropes has a good desciption of it:

Quote: Originally Posted by Fridge Horror
When playing as a Sith, regardless of gender, every time you choose the flirt dialog option with non-Sith Imperial NPCs, there is a good chance that they will, at best, politely say thanks then quickly change the topic, get nervous and start stuttering, or totally freak out. While this might seem funny from your perspective, the deeper implication of why they act this way is highly disturbing. Remember that in Imperial society, all non-Force sensitives are institutionally subservient to what basically amounts to a hereditary caste of super-powered sociopaths who have a legal right to abuse and kill citizens for whatever reason they can think of. Then remember that Sith are encouraged to fully embrace their emotions without self-limit.... If your dark sided Sith decided that he/she takes a liking to a non-Force-sensitive Imperial, you can force yourself onto them regardless of their say on the matter, then cut them in half after you're done just because you feel like it. And there is ABSOLUTELY nothing that they or their families can do about it! (indeed, that is exactly what Dark-sided Jaesa did once).
EDIT: Additionally, there's the Eternal Empire from the Knights of a Fallen Empire expansion, where it's people essentially worship the (force-sensitive) royal family, and are led to believe that force-sensitivity means your the Emperor's chosen and your powers come from worship of them.
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