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The Empire is more like a nation state, not an idea. An Imperial fights for his country, a Republic guy fights for abstract ideas/ideals.

There is no ''Republic'' civilization. The Republic is comprised of many civilizations, like the UN or the EU. Coruscant is Brussels or the UN HQ. Dromund Kaas is pick the capital of any Empire from history.

Ofc there are some ideas into it too. For example people on the real world authoritarian, fascist + others ends of political spectrum will like the Empire.

Obviously the Sith Empire is not just 1 people , but the rest are are subjugated and absorbed into the SIth Imperial culture.

It's not only ''good'' vs ''evil'', most of the time it's them vs us.

So yea, that's why people in-universe support the Empire.
As far as the players go, there are many reasons , many of which are already mentioned in the thread. Some of the reasons include : that side of the fence is not explored enough in other Star Wars games + the Empire has better fashion sense and animations + morally gray, approaching evil or outright evil characters make for great stories and entertainment.
Imperials fight for their "country" as much as Republic does. The only difference is that Imperials are also like Roman Legions, the soldiers often end up killing each other because they belong to power bases (Sith infighting) which is no small part of the Empire. The Empire is the same as the Republic and Brussels except the Republic let's it's members exist while the Empire like the Soviet Union swallows them and sends the "slaves" to go mine ore or maybe build statues. If anything the Empire is much closer to the EU and Brussels because the "politicians" at Brussels are not elected. The Imperial soldier dies for the same reasons the Imperial Japanese did. For the emperor and for conquest. The Republic is most definitely a civilization, it doesn't have to be one nation to qualify for that.
It's simple really SWTOR is 2 Galactic civilizations going against each other.

1. One is a Republic, the other an Empire. So you have democracy vs tyranny.
2. One gets it's members through trade, protection etc, the other through conquest and enslavement with the exception of the chiss.
3. Republic soldiers fight for the Republic and it's ideas/democracy, Imperial soldiers fight for the Empire, for revenge (Because of the great war before) and for their emperor. The Sith just tend to use them for their own good gains, throwing bodies at their enemies.

What else should we compare? I love the Empire don't get me wrong, but it's in no means a "country" that patriotic soldiers fight for because they love it lol.... Maybe that would be the case without the Sith. I'm sure North Korean soldiers are are very proud and patriotic but that comes with indoctrination. When you grow up as a child forced to believe a certain idea or to serve a certain man, you'll love it, just not the same way a young American might love their constitution.