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The Empire, as George Lucas *originally* had envisioned in "Star Wars", is / was an faschist system. You can see it by so many things, uniforms modelled after Nazi uniforms, for example, only humans at work within the Empire in Star Wars, and the letters of the words "Star Wars" themselves (there's an interesting article on their typography out there).

The SWTOR Empire is not that strictly an fascist system, but still full of hatred and bias against non-humans, even although non-humans are able to get their rank there.

What might attract a lot of people to that Empire is its order. Yes, it's an very orderly state, from the sheer look of it. Garbage and junk lying on the streets like on Coruscant is impossible there. Some people simply like "law and order". everything is very strict, very orderly - and it has a so much better overall design compared to he Republic.
Or, as I once put it : "The Empire has style - the Republic has Advertisements." I'm speaking of the Fleet decorations. They really should have used a different kind of colouring for the Republic, because that brown colour they used for the Republic's style-theme looks imho too much like mud. The Empire, on the other hand, has a so much better styling on the Fleet and elsewhere ( Black Hole ! ), compared to that. The "artist's eye" within us might get much more attracted by the Empire faction for stylistic reasons.
I actually prefer the garbage infested places of Coruscant compared to the order and cleanliness of the Empire. I do like the Empire but when I pick my characters I look at which society I would support if I actually did live in SWTOR. As much as I like the Empire I'd be terrified of living in a society where the people I'm supposed to follow with unquestionable loyalty can end my life on a whim, even if I make the smallest mistake. I prefer the Republic because it's so flawed and sometimes ugly but it was really built on democracy, freedom and equality for all life within the Galaxy. That's why the Jedi originally jumped on board. It's changed a lot of course, and corruption/crime will always be around in a non fashistic state but there are people out there that dedicate their life to cleaning the streets and protecting the Republic. I agree that the Republic stories are not as good as the Imperial ones, but still I feel so drawn to classes like the Trooper and the Smuggler because they really show what the Republic is like without the Jedi.