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It's hilarious how people who hate a movie will go to any length to claim it's failed/is failing and that everyone hates it. When I read that the r/StarWars hates the movie, that was true. On release day. When not many had actually SEEN the film. Go there now, the majority are either praising it, admitting that despite its flaws it was an interesting and bold movie or stating it's neither really good nor really bad. Apart from the individual poster here or there, no mass hatred of the film exists anywhere except where haters will it to exist.
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Best of luck defending. I dabbled in TPM defending for a couple of days before I threw in the towel. The critics represent the hollywood machine and they despised George for defying them back in the day so they reveled in giving his movie a dismal review now we have a company that owns one third of the entertainment industry so the scenario is the opposite.