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10.31.2013 , 01:54 PM | #104
1. Make rootbreak/movement impairing effect immuniy baseline for Force Speed. Change Fadeout to give a 50/100% chance to make user immune to all kinds of cc for it's duration.

2. Make root on Overload baseline. Change Electric Bindings to make Overload's effect 180/360 degree.

3. Take Unnatural Preservation off the GCD.

4. Take Static Barrier off the GCD when casted on self.

5. Make Subversion additionally grant pushback reduction to Crushing Darkness.

6. Make Lightning Spire additionally increase the maximum range of Affliction by 5 meters.

7. Change Polarity Shift to additionally make the user immune to spell pushback for it's duration.

8. Change Recklessness to give the user 100% critical chance instead of 60%.

9. Fix Forceweaver talent, so the granted alacrity also grants the force regeneration it's supposed to.

The above are merely QoL improvements off the top of my head, the class possibly could use a lot more and bigger changes too. I may post some of my other ideas later, but I feel some or all of the mentioned changes are necessery to make the class more competitive in the current game environment, without touching any base class mechanics.