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10.31.2013 , 10:42 AM | #102
Electrocute back to a 30 meter range, it makes no sense for other ranged classes to have stuns out to 30 meters and Sorc's not. Give us back the ability to insta-cast whirlwind, there are just too many roots and snares for other classes to use against us to keep us from being able to move away and break combat.

I also believe it would be helpful if force run would give you a short bit of immunity from roots and snares as well as break them. Again, too many of the classes have so many roots, snares and stuns.

As far as damage output, it is way too easy to completely shut down a lightening Sorc. We already have no damage mitigation to speak of and if we also have no burst damage. As it is, lightening Sorc's are just not useful. I believe there are some great suggestions in this thread already without going back into them. And many of them would not make the class overpowered.

All in all some small changes to abilities and small tweaks to a few things might just bring Sorc's in line with some of the other classes.
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