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As the GM of a 16 man progression guild I would like to say that this is exactly the type of ELITIST **** we do not need. Please refrain from this attitude. Treat 8 man and 16 man as two different brackets please, and do not compare the two.

P.S. Please do not respond to this troll.
I appreciate the compliment but I disagree with your sentiment,

I think elitism is completely waranted and should be welcomed and expected in competitive progression based raiding. 16 man raid groups SHOULD be held in the highest regard and all serious raiding guilds should aspire to meet this challenge instead of taking pride in accomplishments of mediocrity (8 man raid groups).

Of course if we feel the need to humor them I suppose a seperate bracket is fair. We do have a special olympics after all..
PvP Gear progression degrades competition.