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To all Pot5 progressive AND casual PVE guilds,

Reniu here from <Severity Gaming> on the Republic side of our server. This will mark my very post on the official SWTOR forums, so don't bash me too much. The reason I started to lurk into our actual server forum is in regards to the new content in PVE coming with the 1.5 update this Thursday (11/15). EC Nightmare will be of much interest to many of the progressive guilds on our server, and as such I was hoping that we could interest ourselves in a little bit of "friendly" and non-competitive progression among each other within our own server forums.

As with the TFB progression from the 1.4 update, Derkae has decided to once again post a progressive point system on downing the new content in EC NiM. While I love the idea of this sort of competition among guilds, the problem that I find with his progression is that it encourages to pit guilds against each other for downing the content above anyone else. I would much rather see a whole plethora of guilds participating in the new content and am interested to see all of our server's players represented on a progressive list, even if they are not as elite as some of the other guilds out there. As such, I would like to propose a different approach in marking EC NiM progression for our server!

Instead of marking a point system based on the time of kills, I would encourage guilds on both 8-man and 16-man from our Pot5 server to post proof of each kill they down as with Derkae's post, but instead of making a huge deal about the time of death and getting points based on the actual time it is downed, make it more on showcasing which guilds on our server have downed the actual content itself. In this way, the ranking system has no relevance in how our guilds showcase their progression, but instead encourages everyone from across our server to participate in this manner in hopes we can all be successful in downing new content.

The reason I also like this idea is that the type of progression I am promoting would encourage everyone on our server to try new content. With the new FtP option, this would open the realm for new subscribers and in all make people notice our server the most when it comes to showcasing players from a wide spectrum of playing styles, all the way from the elitist hardcore players to the casual players. In all, I want everyone to participate in this new content, but don't want to pressure the more casual guilds in not participating because you feel you need to be pitted against other more established guilds. Please don't get me wrong though, I encourage everyone to continue to use Darkae's posting system if you like that competition.

For now, I am just pitching this idea, and if any major guilds or others seem interested, I will be more than happy in making an actual spreadsheet with a list of guilds that have downed the content which again focuses less on the time of kill, but rather the actual kill itself. Because time is not an issue, simply providing this thread with any of the following items would count toward marking a kill:

1. A screenshot of the boss downed. Include a Codex entry in the picture as well as all members of your raid in an Ops frame. Health bars on each boss when it is killed also help in this matter.

2. A video showcasing your guild downing the boss on Nightmare. I am more than happy watching a video of your guild working to down a boss!

I really hope people are interested in this style of server only guild progression, as EC NiM is a simple rehash of an older instance many players are familiar with and while there are many mechanic changes in each fight, the overall fight itself does not change too much. I hope this paves the way for further Pot5 content progression as well!

Anyways, even if this does not catch on, I wish all guilds on our server the best of luck! See you server side!