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I think that's a decent build and with the changes that Smiego-Wan mentioned you will do well. It is a matter of personal preference and how well it meshes with your play style after all.

I got a Slinger/Sab to 26th during the Thanksgiving beta and had a lot of fun. I did have some points in a few skills that you chose not to and that's all good, as I said its a matter of your personal play style.

I personally though would put points in hot pursuit. Its a good skill to have weather its pvp or pve and here's why. Maxed out at 2 points it give's you 100% chance to fire off charged burst when you exit cover and as you may or may not know its one of our burst dps skills. Having the ability to use it on the fly when your forced to leave cover is very useful to maintain dps.

Here's one example:

In some boss fights you will have to move from cover when you are targeted by a aoe attack that will in all likely hood eat up a good chunk of hps. Having it up will allow you to do some good dps for a moment while you relocated and get back into cover. Now as I mentioned its all a matter of personal preference and play style.

I for example am still on the fence about going mostly Sab with a few points in DF or going sab/df hybrid, which with a casual glance looks like it will complement each other fairly well. That's just my 2 cents and hope it helped ya out a bit
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