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You might need to check your cache settings. Some browsers will cache a page for faster loading the next time you access it. Some ISPs also do the same thing, which means they don't connect to the site every time you think you're going there.

This is a common tactic for some DSL and other 'high speed' ISPs that don't actually have the infrastructure to offer high speed access, yet charge you a premium for the illusion of said access. If you're certain you don't have pages being cached in your browser, you might want to check with your ISP to be sure they're not doing this.

I'm not sure how using a proxy would affect this. There could be several other reasons you're having this issue. A little more information on your setup would help folks diagnose this.

Browser and version
Wired or wireless? What type of router, if any?
Physical location (IE: city/country)
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