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I play PvE only, and I really don't like the huge damage reduction of HSM. I could live with the reduction on TM BECAUSE they boosted HSM. Now? Meh... don't even feel like logging in anymore.
There is zero reason to use a dps Merc for endgame PvE. In PvP one can make up a pseudo relevant case where the dps Merc can have benefits vs. melee dps. In particular the dps Merc can switch targets faster so it has less downtime. But in PvE that is a benefit only in engagements with multiple trash mobs. Which are trivial. Against the only endgame PvE content that matters, bosses, the advantage of faster target shifting evaporates.

There used to be a reason to bring along a Arsenal Merc in some PvE cases - to debuff the enemy bosses armor. But now the Arsenal debuff for other party members has been nerfed (and sometimes doesn't even work for his own attacks reportedly). A Mara/Sent has much better party wide buffs. Plus it does about 50% greater dps than the Arsenal. Plus it helps heal the team. Suck it up and reroll as a Mara if you want to be the party bro/buffer. The Arsenal is obsolete for that PvE function. And the Merc Pyro was never even in the ballgame.