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I can help with some gunship questions. I play with Drak, but he didn't give me permission to snipe his questions :P

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Quick Qs, - How do I survive longer with Gunships?

I have mastered Strike, Scout and Bomber, but good GS play eludes me. I mainly use them if I feel we're on a winning side/ winning streak. - I can target ships okay, and use them for mine / defence turret clearing okay. - So point and shoot seems to be going in the right direction. - But I usually get 1-2 shots off and then draw all the aggro from the opposition.
So, first of all, when the entire team swaps to you, that's not at all bad. When you have more than two people on you, you are disrupting their team very very much.

Second, I recommend you have the distortion field missile break ASAP, the reduced cooldown on barrel roll ASAP, and, though it is a lower priority, the extra speed or turning tier is important (I always run speed, but I'm not sure it's inherently the best- it's definitely what works better for me though).

Large reactor, and C2N2/Blizz as your engineering companion.

- best GS I have is a quarrel which is about tier 2/3 across most upgrades - Though I went for damage and defence before speed/manoevre. Though once a pack is on me, no fancy flying can shake them off.
Absolutely correct! You can't outfly them, but you can greatly reduce the damage they do to you.

Im pretty good at flying around stuff, asteroids, sats, mesas etc. So I don't often die to the scenery! - But with GS being slow and lumbering -its not like a scout that can whip around an obstacle in 2 seconds!
The scout has to match the speed of its prey or it will overfly, right? So when I have an asteroid, I will fly close to the asteroid, with the most threatening scout targeted. When I see him close to a close enough distance, I will boost and go left or right slightly, sometimes strafing a bit too. Then I release the boost after just a brief moment.

This has two effects: a poor scout may actually overfly you (you can right click to stop if you are pretty sure this will work). Any scout, even a good one, will have to boost to chase, and could end up a bit further behind than he would like to be, and may end up losing LOS for his blaster a bit.

I also alternate between max and lowest velocity whilst orbiting any defensive structure- max speed, then boost, then if I want to sharply turn, bank in the direction, yaw in that direction, while holding slow throttle.

With this, you should avoid presenting too much target to your opponent. Asteroids are acceptable for this, but the scaffolding is the wildest, as is anything that has a little narrow niche in between. You can kind of post on the cylinders in the mesas as well.

AM I better off seeking out the protected satellites for extra longevity, or finding a friendly bomber who'll keep me safe?
Bombers make nests. If you can, snipe from in the nest or near it, and target enemy gunships first, then other long range threats (including bombers if you have mastered ions). When enemies decide to come to you, you can run back through the minefield.

What crew can you reccommend?
There is some depth of play there, but I recommend and play on my main:

Engineering: Blizz - I don't need 13% reduced blaster cost most of the time. Extra engine pool helps a lot. The 13% engine thing is not negotiable. This is the best companion for your type 1 gunship.
Tactical: Salana Rok- I really like Wingman, but you don't have to. I use this right as I'm about to squeeze of a shot versus a scout, and it really lowers that miss chance. Running Interference is another great option.
Offensive: Jaesa Williams- Accuracy is amazing, and the extra angle helps with your burst lasers and your railguns. You could go with some with bypass, but I recommend strongly against it nowadays on Empire.
Defensive: Vector is the only choice here.

Republic: C2N2, Qyzen Fess, Akaavi Spar, Nadia Grell- As empire, this gets you Wingman, but you could also try Nadia Grell.

Wingman is not the only good copilot ability: you can also use Running Interference or even Bypass.

I play imp and Pub side and have most of the companions available to unlock. Is slug railgun a good option? - I have that maxed.
Yes, slug is really good. In T4, make sure you have accuracy. T5 is your choice- the crit can surprise end someone, but the 10% damage is better throughput and you'll get used to how much damage each pull does. Slug is most of what you want with the class. Once you have ion railgun mastered, you can use it to be disruptive to the enemy, especially if they are clumped- but it isn't really worth messing with before that.

I hope this helps some!