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Level Sync means that the effects of stat boosts to Endurance, Mastery, Power and Health (collectively, "EMPH") aren't visible if you're in synced-down areas. Everywhere is a synced-down area for level 75s (we're discussing set bonuses, therefore we're talking about level 75s) except Fleet, our ships, strongholds of all sorts including guild flagships, Mek-Sha, Onderon, Objective Meridian and Dxun.

In synced-down areas, no matter what your level (e.g. you are level 11+ on a starter world), your EMPH stats are limited to specific values. Some experimentation revealed that:
* Mastery is clipped if it's above a specific value.
* Endurance is also clipped, but to a different value.
* Health is clipped to a value that is not the one that would be given by the clipped Endurance.
* Power is *set* to a specific value, regardless of your gear (even if you are disarmed and naked, you have *that* amount of Power).

So if you're using a +% EMPH set bonus in Level Synced areas, you won't see any benefit at all from it.

Notionally, at least, you won't see that limitation for non-EMPH stats, unless the sets are bugged.

(I'm assuming that you have *equipped* two pieces of the same set at the same time...)
what i mean is that my character, un-buffed and naked in my stronghold does not register, say the 2% critical increase(for example from the 2-piece Berserker set) on the character sheet where stats are shown.

is it by design or just not working?