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Well Marksman and Engineering would benefit from a reduced cost on takedown as well. I don't play Engineering because I think it's cumbersome and doesnt work well in a lot of fights. The current 6 pc set bonus works wonderfully with MM but the loss of the energy reduction on take down adversely affects virulence energy management and often means you cant use the ability when in procs.
(PvE perspective)
Camel and I have stated multiple times in this thread that Virulence does not need the energy reduction on Takedown.
Both other diciplines do not need it either.
Yes Engineering uses it less, but not every dicipline has to use every single ability we have. Besides Engineering does use Takedown, just as a finisher instead of a filler.

In PvE Snipers are fine, really. The devs just need to find a way to adjust a few things to benefit PvP to keep our PvP'ers happy.
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