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I could justify, the consular story is about a special healing technique, but i really don't care. Lore has to adapt to the game, not the other way around. It serves to support story-telling, not to limit the potencial of the game.

AKA screw your lore. It bends and it will bend. It can be re-written and expanded. New dialogue lines can be added. The advanced class can be unlocked at 50 with a small quest. There are many ways to solve the problems given the will and resources. The question is if people want to play as one and i think theres a lot of design potencial there if the devs wish to tap it. This is a thread for sugestions and sugestions were made. They don't need your aproval. It's not your call to make.
No, the lore is very important. If you retcon it like that the game's lore loses consistency. New dialogue lines can be added, but designing an entire new species like that isn't easy. And any reason as to why you can play as a Voss would be extremely contrived, and the game's lore and world-building would suffer as a result. And nobody needs anybody's approval, but once you post a thread, especially a suggestion one, in the forums people will comment in favor or against it. And that's good, because it lets the developers know what the forum community thinks.
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