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01.16.2019 , 04:11 PM | #41
This is my own personal preference:

The best republic story is actually... female light sided Sith warrior... (technically, I rate this as my favorite SWTOR story line)

Strange, I know, but the voice actress was amazing, with a great supporting cast.

I started a YouTube series, if anyone is interested in giving it a chance:

If your looking for a pure republic story line: this is my personal list from best to worst:
1) Jedi Knight (both male and female voice actors are superb)
2) Male smuggler (personal preference, but I didnít enjoy the female voice actress)
3) Trooper (both male and female voice actors are equally skilled) I rate this story line pretty low when comparing all 8 story lines between Republic and Empire...
4) Consolar... well out of all 8 story lines, I feel this is the absolute worst... I struggled to get through it without mixing in PVP war zones to keep me awake...

Anyway, the above post is purely my own bias, and opinions may vary.