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I agree with you here, you'll notice that when Sidious is disarmed he scrambles away to the edge of the window in what can only be a display of true fear, as at this point Anakin is not present so he had no reason to feign weakness.
Going to disagree with you here. Both Sidious and Windu sensed the approach of Skywalker before Sidious was disarmed. It mentions this in the novel. It also mentions that Skywalker was monitoring the duel from the moment it went from a 4 on 1 to a 2 on 1. The whole fight was feigned. Sidious could have killed Mace outright just as he did Masters Tiin, Kolar, and Fisto in the Chancellor's private office. He won the fight against Yoda, so how could Mace stand a chance? The only reason he left Mace alive was so that he could sell the "Jedi are turning against the Republic" hoax to Anakin by letting him see that they were attacking a helpless old man. Once Anakin turned by cutting off Mace's weapon hand, Sidious let the Dark Side totally flow through him and fired his full Force Lightning at Mace while yelling, "UN-LIMTED POWER!!!".

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I don't believe however there were any illusions involved, I read the novel Darth Plageius which looks at Sidious' background as a sith apprentice and at no point does it mention he having to maintain an illusion spell to hide his image or become deformed by the dark side. At one point he asks Plageius if one day he will become pale skinned, wrinkled and yellow-eyed like his master though. (Implying this hadn't already happened)
One of the most deceptive practices between Sith has always been hiding secrets from one another. It's quite possible that Sidious had discovered the method by which his youthful appearance could be maintained despite the ravages the Dark Side tends to do to the body. He did have access to Holocrons that were located in locations such as Korriban, Dromund Kaas, etc. Darth Plagueis was a Muun Sith Lord, so his face was already wrinkled. As far as the Pale Skin, that has nothing to do with age. When Luke Skywalker removed the Sith Mask of Darth Vader at his father's request, the face of Anakin Skywalker was pale and slightly 40?

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He had also never unleashed that amount of power before on an opponent, Windu was the strongest Jedi he had faced at this point. To match him he had to unleash all his rage and hatred, immersing himself fully in the darkside to use the full limit of his powers, which led to facial features that cannot be explained by lighting e.g. yellow eyes, red, sunken sockets and yellow teeth.
True. Grand Master Yoda was far more powerful than Master Windu, but Sidious was toying with Mace Windu during that duel. He cut down 3 of the best blade masters the Order ever had in just under 5 seconds. Again, he left Mace alive, watch the duel again. He allowed Mace access to get out of that room. He could have pinned the duel in that office room. He didn't. He let him out. Again, he didn't access the full spectrum of his powers until Anakin cut off Mace's weapon hand. That's why he screams out "Unlimited Power!" The reason his facial features degraded had something to do with the Lightning, but the Lightning itself had no physical effect. Palpatine was more than likely using the Dark Side to keep his youthful facade up, when he found his own Force Lightning being reflected back at him, he had to let go of his facade to protect himself from the bolts coming back at him.

If you don't buy that, think about this: In the duel with Yoda, Sidious uses Lightning to blast the diminutive Jedi Master's lightsaber out of his hands. Why couldn't he do this with Mace Windu? Because he was toying with him the whole time? It's possible. The duel with Mace Windu was a grand setup so that he could convince Anakin to join him, which of course he did.
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