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Good guide but I would like to point out a few things I (constructively) disagree with. You mention that during super charged gas to never use rapid scan, but with talents (forget the name) using healing scan lowers the heat cost of your next rapid scan. With this talent the total cost of healing scan + rapid scan is the same as a single rapid scan. Rapid scan also heals for more so its a efficient idea to follow healing with rapid.
Absolutely. I just recently read somewhere in the talent tree where the Healing Scan will lower your next Rapid Scan by 16 heat making it an equal expenditure but with a more packed punch. I was contemplating in reiterating this point to make it more justifiable in that notion. Thank you so much for reminding me and I will make sure credit is due and duly noted.

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As for the only healing never damaging i again have to disagree and say its more situational. As a lvl 31 ive found my self in many flash points and heroic quests where the tank just isnt taking much damage. While you can sit there and spam rapid shots on your tank you could just as easily hit the mob with those rapids too (and still stack csc). I feel an empty heat bar is wasted potential. Tabing over and hitting an unload is fine when everyone is topped off and you heat is empty. Obviously dont do so much as to impede your ability to heal if a burst of damage come in, but no reason to heal someone who doesnt need it just cus you like green . Again its situational.
As I mentioned aforetime, that it was situational. This guide is mainly about the idea of healing in general and the focus is to heal. Whatever individuals do afterwards is up to them. However, as you waved that green candy bar around, I admit that my guilty conscience of only seeing green has taken the better of me. As such, the implication of contributing to dps by only rapid shots may indeed help. But as I mentioned before, it also keeps up the so called "HoT" to minimize the usage of casting a Scan. Therefore keeping the target health full without expending any heat in case something goes wrong. But, like you said, situational.

I also understand my role in healing. A dps is a dps as a tank is a tank. If I was to support (unless it was to their discretion) they may object otherwise. There may be times where people may try to throw in a heal or two to help you out but for some reason that kind of irks me. Dunno why. Maybe it feels like I'm not fully doing my job or that individual doesn't have confidence in me? So I stay as a healer and refrain from damage. Part of Group Etiquette if you ask me.

Thank you for your kind comments btw.
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