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I don't believe you. Been sitting at fleet monitoring the chat for a couple hours. I haven't seen this thread, or me talked about yet. So good luck with that one with threatening a "bad reputation" on me. Like that will do anything for you
So you're worried enough to sit on fleet so you can watch chat? And you edited your signature so you character name is no longer there...? If you aren't worried about a bad rap, what's your reason? And you also admit to running or being CO-GM of a guild. Great way to recruit and progress...pissing off all the guilds who can actually clear content. Because i guarantee you that every single one of their raiders will speed run HM's.Mind throwing your guild name out there as well? Because i sure as hell know that I wouldn't want my CO-GM saying they were going to make speed runs as miserable as possible for those who wanted them...

Ohhh wait. Now I see why you're worried enough about server rep.
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