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I never considered myself elite. I actually think of myself more as a casual player because of time constraints. If you want my advice, when you first start a FP ask if the group plans on skipping stuff or if they're cool with going thru the whole thing. If they are cool with doing the whole thing, great, enjoy the story and enjoy the practice and fun gameplay. If they want to skip and you're not sure about something, be upfront about the fact that you don't know something and I've found that most people are willing to help out. And if they insist about being an *** about feel free to leave and re-que.

I also noticed DSpectre that you seem to be on the Harbinger. If you're on the Republic side you might take a look at The Walking Carpets guild, and Imperialist Bastards on the Imperial side. We're pretty laid back and you can normally find someone on willing to run something and do full run thrus as well. Also very willing to teach and help out if you need it. <--- Shamless guild promoting.
Thanks but I am proudly co-owner (Empress) of a guild already. I appreciate it tho <3 feel free to friend me tho
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