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At least you were able to find your security key. If I had one I would probably ducktape it to my tower so I wouldn't lose it.

Morning everyone, here is your new prompt
Month of Meta continues! These prompts cover form or style rather than specific situations. This Month of Meta theme: Letters.

This week’s Month of Meta SFWC prompt:

Week of August 9, 2019:

Dear John: before breaking up via text was a thing there was the “Dear John” letter. Has your character written one? Received one? Breakups are never easy. The letter (or text) means one person doesn’t have to face the raw emotions (and possibly violence) of the other. So what would your character write, or what did their letter say?

This week’s prompt not for you? Look for something more to your taste in the Prompt Archive. Consider all the prompts active and waiting to inspire you.

This week’s featured previous prompts are:

Play Within A Play - (alternately titled My Immortal) - In a world where there are people, there are stories. And where there are stories, fandoms are likely to follow. And where fandoms go…well. Do any of your characters or their companions write fiction? Imagine what they would write in the way of thinly (or not at all) veiled fanfic. What stories do your characters tell about each other?

Setting a Bad Example - Not every character is a paragon. Some revel in the fact they’re not. Others are pretty good except for a handful of flaws, the kind that make them interesting. This week, write about a time your character set a bad example, intentional or otherwise.