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DISCLAIMER: I don't heal group content often, but I do play sawbones as my main spec and have used it while doing all solo content in the game.

Well I'm assuming you mean at the level you have all your abilities? I guess some general advice might be helpful. I don't remember what any of them are called, but I can give you what information I have. make sure you have your HoT on an easy to remember key (the one that puts a slow release medpack on your target). keep in mind most of our heals are a cast time so be sure to cast the low energy one in advance of needing it. I believe one of those casted ones will also proc another ability to become an instant heal, so be sure to utilize that in heavy damage scenarios. For group damage be sure to have the aoe healing ready as well.

I believe a "basic" healing rotation can be as little as 4 keys, but "basic expanded" would be 7 (to include aoe and cleanse). I recommend keeping the direct channel heal ready too, this is sort of my default heal when the tank is taking damage but I already have a HoT on them and they don't need bigger chunky heals. Our roll gives us stacks of upperhand (I think), which enables a powerful heal (instant I think) to be used, so keep that in mind if things get too dicey.

Sorry I can't be more help, perhaps someone can give you more specific pointers but this should at least get you started. I can only say experiment, and find what works for you, the above is more of guidelines rather than rules. I am currently not much of an authority on sawbones healing sadly, but I'll be playing it a lot over the summer so I might be by the time the xpac launches lol
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