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While you're at it, could you fix the locational direction ring? It continually was telling me there was something in a particular direction then goes red and not finding anything.
Dear Amber and BW-team,

please have a look at this quoted bug. If not the new "reward" system, then this is definitely dragging me away from using the seeker droid (in fact, it did already drag me away).

Especially the area in the Dune Sea (starship wreck) seems to be heavily effected by this. About every 3rd green arrow suddenly goes red after a little while (deplected this area 3 times last week and it was always the same). I even started thinking: "Is this a new mechanic in order to prevent bots? Maybe I took too many too little steps and the engine considered me as a bot. Then I took bigger steps all the time and found my grey interesting item." This would at least explain why they say "working as intended".

Anyway, I can also confirm the following:

Interesting item = grey trash
Interesting item = monster (what do these do underground in the first place? How do they breathe there?)

I also got 3 x the Star Forager gauntlets on one particular site (either on Tatooine or Alderaan, don't remember), before a speeder part deplected it.

I do not mind reputation items and boosts. I even am fine with getting basic comms. I don't like getting useless crafting items and grey items though.

For me, my main interest in digging were the mods. I didn't want them in order to make credits, but solely for using with my 8 chars + all their companions (most of them without any gear, because I don't use these comps, but it feels good to know that they are protected). So, for me personally, if you would add back "special mods" which are bound to legacy, I would be happy. But I suppose this is a too individual request. I mentioned it anyway.

In any case, at the moment, I have no motivation to keep digging anymore. One main reason is the above quoted bug (if it is a bug).