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Tactical Items:

Wither and Discharge are no longer AoE abilities but now hit twice as hard. In addition, Force Pull has no minimum range and deals X amount of damage. (doesn't need to be a large amount of damage, but something notable) (increase to single target)

Shock and Depredating Volts now strike up to two additional targets when used. In addition, Force Pull now pulls in up to 7 additional enemies within 15m of the original target to you. (increase to AoE)

While in combat, every 1.5 seconds you go without shielding an attack, you gain a stack of X (not sure what to call it... maybe Efficient Technique or something similar) which decreases the force consumed by all abilities by 2% per stack and stacks up to 20 times. (useful in fights where you don't get to shield attacks which aren't many if I recall correctly)

Increases the DR provided by the level 60 passive Premonition by an additional 15%. In addition, the cooldown of Overcharged Saber is reduced by 15 seconds.

Activating an Adrenal or Medpac doubles its duration and effects. (might be worth putting it on all specs and adrenals)

Set Bonus:

2pc: Each time you lose a charge of Dark Ward or Kinetic Ward you have a 40% chance to restore 1% of your maximum health. This effect cannot occur more than once a second. (the "leaked" set bonus which I really like)

2pc: Activating Deflection increases the damage of all your force attacks by 15% for the duration

4pc: Dealing damage with Discharge increases DR by 2% for every target hit (modified of the "leaked")

4pc: Maul and Assassinate now deal an additional 15% damage.

6pc: Each stack of Harnessed Darkness heals you for 4% when used

6pc: Depredating Volts can now benefit from the Energize passive as well. In addition, the channel duration is reduced by 50%.

One set bonus for insane survival ability and another for a bump in damage. I think every tank may want a choice like that since some fights benefit from the tank dealing more damage and others need tanks to withstand massive damage. Balancing this for PvP may be an issue however... perhaps as simple as not allowing the damage increase set bonuses in PvP WZs and Arenas. I'm not sure what would be best honestly.