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In the truest, technical sense, genocide is when you completely eradicate an ethnic group. All the examples you list... that was certainly the intent, but in none of them was an entire people actually wiped out. Yet, we both agree that the examples given were genocides.

...I don't see how you can agree to that, and then, also, try to argue that Arcann ordering 5 entire worlds eradicated doesn't quality as genocide. He is personally responsible for killing at least 10 Trillion People.. and you're trying to argue that he isn't responsible for genocide? Your wrongness in this instance is so vast and profound, several mighty sky-scrapers could be erected on it.

Also worth pointing out... Vader didn't destroy Alderaan, Moff Tarkin did that.
I never said that Vader Blew up Alderaan, but he was in charge of Wiping out the Jedi, a true act of Genocide.

I also agree that 5 Taris type attacks are TERRIBLE WAR CRIMES! I'm not arguing that Arcann is a Good Guy. I am only saying that he is not guilty of Genocide.

He's no worse than Vader or Revan.