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So what abilities you recommend i use instead to substitute for my main attacks? Should note that im just going throught the sith warrior story ATM. Not ready to take my sith guy out to pvp and group stuff yet?
That would depend on your level. Steve's advice would be solid if you were 65+, but if you're still going through your vanilla story arc, then I would assume you were much lower and lacking some of those abilities.

If that's the case, then you still want to keep your default attack "within reach" to help maintain your rage. As already stated, you will rarely need it once you get to end game. There are guides out there. Just make sure you get one that's up to date (many are very outdated).

To answer your question, since no one else has: Yes. Assault is a double attack. Keep in mind though, that one or both swings could miss or be blocked.