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There are few games, where back peddle is a wrong action in pvp, but not in SWTOR (when you slow your opponent and you should face him to land your spell, what you do? You run away? )
By the way, try to kite better when 99% of your spells are channeling ones....
No, back-peddling is NEVER advised in PvP. Have a look at Taugrim's vids - he even removes his back peddle option. Slow your opponent, and then move in a wide, exaggerated circle around him. You never expose your back, and he's constantly trying to close the angle. Of course, they'll use force leap, grapple, force speed etc to close the distance, but you have the tools needed to get back into range. It's why Balance or hybrid specs work well. And no, if you run in Balance spec, "99%" of your skills are not channelled.
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