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Never made any claim of the sort, though you're obviously a little upset that you were called out on your absurd generalization

Were you drunk when you wrote this? I'm still trying to get my head around the almost incoherent babble here, there are english translators online, not that hard to make sure your post is at least somewhat intelligible. In regards to your comments about Sages through the levels (from what I could understand) if anything it's quite the opposite. At low levels you're at a disadvantage due to the lack of skills at your disposal to compensate for the squishy nature of the class. At end game however there are no shortage of tools to help you survive if you use them correctly.

The solo survivability of a sage is fantastic at 50. If you can kite/use your cc well, you have ample opportunities to fire off heals during the fight. Their dps is fine, again, learn to cycle your skills and look at what build you're running.

Wow. If you were trying to confirm my suspicions about your inability to kite, then congratulations You back peddle and you turn your back/run a number of times. No circle strafing in the entire fight, so I was right. You need to learn to kite. I'll agree the class could use some very minor tweaks, but they are certainly no where near as bad as you are making them out to be.
The bubble is the only defense tool for Sage, the bubble's power depends on power, willpower and force power, so it depends on bonus healing how much dmg it can absorb. Expertise gives bonus to healing and it don't improve force armor (the bubble) Thats one of the reason, way Sage goes down so easy after 50. But it won't be a wise fix to improve bubble by expertise, because its already makes indestructible classes immortal.
It would be possible to leave Sage's deference like this, but in this case he should get a huge burst dmg tool table.

Its nonsense, that the most indestructible AC has the greatest burst DMG (jug) till the most glass class absolutely lacking in it.

There are few games, where back peddle is a wrong action in pvp, but not in SWTOR (when you slow your opponent and you should face him to land your spell, what you do? You run away? )
By the way, try to kite better when 99% of your spells are channeling ones....

May I ask what class are you playing?
Can you show us one of your wids, what you made with your Sage/Sorc just to let us learn a bit how to kite. (please don't flee this one, if you don't have, just upload one, its 10 minutes...)