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First you questioning credibility about an RL issue, you showing that you pro in this issue from the reason, that you spend 10 years to study it. If you want, send me PM's and we can discuss it, but I don't think that you are interested on real opinions connected to this phrase, you just wanted to troll the forum users ( questioning my credibility, and using it like a lobby vs Sage/Sorce, so the thread) + to ventilate your ego. Yes you trolled them, coz if you spend 10 years by different martial arts you should know this phrase well , )
No. You made an erroneous generalisation, and I called you for it. If you don't like the things you say being held up to the limelight, then don't post on forums - it couldn't be any simpler. I don't need to 'ventilate my ego', especially on a SW forum as an anonymous poster. No one knows who I am, and no one cares; so it serves no purpose chasing kudos on here. I have no interest in sending you PM's - it sounds like you're the one with the ego problem if you care what other people on here think.

Second, you came up with some rubbish explanation, that wants to explain us, that the AC is well balanced and gives hard time for poor knights/warriors in the right hand - what is nonsense and maybe true vs a bad low geared warrior/knight.
A rubbish explanation? At least I can express my thoughts in a clear and lucid manner. You should find a new online translator, because 80% of what you write is sheer gibberish. The Sage/Sorcerer AC still needs tweaks, and I never said otherwise. What I was trying to illustrate was that some of the claims I've read are simply over-the-top. I have two Sages and a Sorc on separate severs, and I simply don't agree that the Sage is in as bad a place as you're making it out to be. If you want to take on smashderps, then don't stand there in a Tele build giving them an easy target.

So you tried to lobby a bit vs the thread and keep your well deserved smash safe from nerf, but you should try it harder , )
I didn't try anything of the sort. No, you're simply raging against anyone you perceive to have an even remotely different though we're secret smashderp agents on a quest to derail your thread. My first toon from launch was a Sage, and to this day it continues to be my favourite class.

I hope you understand that the forum and the class lobby is part of the game and we have to support our class on the forum in every MMO if we realize, that it lacking here and there... And Sage/Sorc needs a huge rebuild to make it balance and viable vs other classes, ACs!
And I hope you realise that when you start a thread, it's not going to be a conga-line of 'yes men' who reply. You accept that other people will reply with differing opinions. I don't agree that the Sage/Sorc need a 'huge' rebuild...some minor tweaks here and there (Balance and Tele trees) would be all that's needed.
Stop exploding you cowards!