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Sniper issues in PvP aren't DPS related, they're survival. If our set bonus(es) reduced Shield Probe's CD by 8 seconds and made it heal us for 5% of our maximum health when it collapsed, that would go along way towards helping sniper issues there.
The sniper survivability problem isn't lacking a 5% heal. That will buff snipers in raids, but do little for PvP. Small heals on a short timer are a raid utility.

It's lacking a button to make enemies unfocus you. When a Sorc pops their magic shield, you don't touch them, it's pointless. When other classes pop their reflect, you either stop shooting, or hurt yourself. When stealthers go stealth, you have no choice.

Currently, for all Sniper defensives, the correct enemy response is the same: put more bullets in them!

So, Sniper defenses are great for PvE, where enemies are dumb and deal prescribed damage. They suck for PvP, where you die from focused burst. Snipers need a defensive that prompts the attacker to drop focus.

A powerful but not OP option would be giving Countermeasures a very brief stealth effect, similar to Maras. Since that would be too powerful, how about limiting it to Imperial Preparation? "First Countermeasures within 15 seconds of activating Imperial preparation will grant 4 seconds of stealth".

Something very modest, almost a carbon copy of Merc 4-pc set bonus, would be reducing Evasion's CD by 15 seconds and buffing it by 2 seconds (move that out of utilities).

But Mercs have three lives already, that's enough for them. Evasion's real problem, aside from short duration, is only applying to melee/ranged. It's the only DCD snipers have that at least calls for some momentary change in enemy tactics, but really just some. Making Evasion work on all attacks would be better. There are already two utilities that do that, one for snipers, one for ops - so the problem is known. It should be addressed straight on, by removing the melee/ranged limitation altogether, from the start. With all the powerful defensives other classes got, snipers need that to compete in PvP.
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