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First off, excellent post, excellent read. I agree with most of it, the stuff I don't boils down to personal choice, not bad advice.

I think Targeting Telemetry can be considered a utility choice whereas blaster overcharge is purely offensive.

Targeting Telemetry is an awesome choice for the high evasion builds that many people like to use, in fact since 2.6 its the only real choice to get the evasion you need / want. It has additional value as the cooldown is shorter than Blaster Overcharge.

Despite all of this, I still use Blaster Overcharge simply for the following fact:

Im not that great at aiming so I have to do all / most of my damage in a quick burst. Blaster Overcharge excells at this, and thus is a better choice for me.

For the many and in depth reasons listed by Stasie Targeting Telemetry is a more comprehensive choice for most pilots (including defensive and offensive abilities all of which are valuable). For me though until something changes Ill be using BOC and Bypass to get the frontloaded DPS I need.

(the heated discussion here is nothing new, you should have heard the debates that drove this thread in the first place, there are many ways to get from point a to point b and the advice here was mulled around by many good pilots before making its way here, despite all that they are still just suggestions - but good ones at that)
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